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What To Expect From A Nursing Home

If your elderly loved one cannot live alone anymore, you may need to consider nursing home placement. You can turn to our website for information on what to expect from a nursing home and how to know if your loved one needs skilled nursing care or simply custodial care. You'll discover that skilled nursing care provided by the nursing home nurses includes the administration of intravenous medications, wound care, maintaining feeding tubes, and caring for patients who require ventilator care. Our blog posts and articles will also explain why your senior loved one may require physical and occupational therapy in the nursing home, and why speech therapy may help improve your loved one's swallowing ability after a stroke.


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What To Do If A Loved One Starts To Show Signs Of Advanced Memory Loss

Dementia can be one of the most heartbreaking diseases that you will ever have to watch a loved one go through. It's incredibly difficult to watch as the person you once seemed to know so well gradually devolve into a shell of the individual that you were so close to. Your beloved friend or family member could begin to call you by another name, misplace common household goods, or forget how to do daily activities that used to be so natural. As hard as it is for you to simply observe the changes, you probably have little idea of what that individual is going through. Here are a few things you can do to help your loved one as they struggle with memory loss.

Consider Moving Your Relative Into A Memory Care Facility

One reason why dementia can be such an insidious ailment is because of it's somewhat ephemeral nature. Some days, your dear family member might seem perfectly normal. They're able to get out of bed, put their clothes on, and greet you with a sunny smile. This type of behavior can fill you with hope and if you have a particularly good time you probably tell yourself that all is well because your loved one is on an uptick.

The problem is that dementia patients tend to have highs and lows. You could be so pleased with the high periods that when the low points show up you are completely devastated. Trying to navigate the choppy waters without an anchor probably won't end well. Placing your loved one in a memory care center is a much better solution. The patient will be in the presence of trained medical professionals who have gained a wealth of knowledge about just what it means to go through memory loss. Not only will they extend expert care to your dear friend but they can also provide you with inside information concerning the diagnosis so you'll know how to proceed.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Compassion

While you're being extra patient and kind with the afflicted individual it's also important for you to give those same gifts to yourself. You're going through an unforeseen situation that you couldn't possibly have planned for. Build yourself up as much as possible and avoid any negative thoughts which would seek to tear you down.

Put your loved one in a place where they can excel. Find a local memory care facility and take a tour to see if it has everything you deem necessary for a comfortable stay.