What To Expect From A Nursing HomeWhat To Expect From A Nursing Home

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What To Expect From A Nursing Home

If your elderly loved one cannot live alone anymore, you may need to consider nursing home placement. You can turn to our website for information on what to expect from a nursing home and how to know if your loved one needs skilled nursing care or simply custodial care. You'll discover that skilled nursing care provided by the nursing home nurses includes the administration of intravenous medications, wound care, maintaining feeding tubes, and caring for patients who require ventilator care. Our blog posts and articles will also explain why your senior loved one may require physical and occupational therapy in the nursing home, and why speech therapy may help improve your loved one's swallowing ability after a stroke.


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Why A Nursing Home May Be Good For Your Parent

Old folks homes, retirement centers, nursing homes, whatever you call one of these places, they are where tons of people spend the last several years of their lives. If you have a parent who is aging and you just don't think that you can provide them with the things they need, then putting them into one of these homes may be the best way to go.

Skilled Nursing

Having a parent who has some sort of health issue can be nerve-wracking for you to worry about. When you put your parent into a home that offers skilled nursing, they will monitor your parent and ensure that their needs are being taken care of. For instance, if you have a diabetic parent, you may worry about them not eating or taking their insulin shots. If you put them into a facility that offers skilled nursing services, staff will test their blood sugar on a regular basis, make sure they are eating enough healthy foods, and give them the proper amount of insulin when they need it. Imagine all of the peace of mind that will give you.


As your parent ages, they may start to feel a little depressed if they lose their friends or their spouse. When you place them into an assisted living or nursing home, they will be surrounded by people who are of similar ages and are in the same stage of life. By having people constantly around them and by hopefully making friends, they can help fill that void so they feel a little bit better. Plus, nursing homes often have activities and game nights where residents can socialize and learn more about each other.

Take Care of Your Parent's Needs

As your parent ages, you may worry that they're eating, sleeping, and bathing. When they move into one of these facilities, they will have all of the help they need to make sure that all of these things get done. For instance, if your parent is able to shower on their own, they may just have someone to remind them to shower at least a few times a week. If your parent needs help with showering, then a skilled nurse or caretaker can help them. Whatever level of skilled nursing your parent needs will be provided for them.

To learn more about what type of home is best for your parent, start researching ones in your area and then go on tours of each one with your parent.

For more information, contact a center that offers skilled nursing services.