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What To Expect From A Nursing Home

If your elderly loved one cannot live alone anymore, you may need to consider nursing home placement. You can turn to our website for information on what to expect from a nursing home and how to know if your loved one needs skilled nursing care or simply custodial care. You'll discover that skilled nursing care provided by the nursing home nurses includes the administration of intravenous medications, wound care, maintaining feeding tubes, and caring for patients who require ventilator care. Our blog posts and articles will also explain why your senior loved one may require physical and occupational therapy in the nursing home, and why speech therapy may help improve your loved one's swallowing ability after a stroke.


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The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Nursing Home

How can you help your elderly parent, grandparent, or other loved one choose a nursing home? Before you select a top pick, take a look at the questions to ask yourself and the facility's staff.

Is the Facility Close Enough to Other Family or Friends?

Even though the facility's staff will provide plenty of care, your loved one still needs attention from their family and friends. A facility located far away creates a physical barrier that can decrease the likelihood of regular visits. As you tour facilities, choose a specific distance or radius and stick to it.

What Type of Care Does Your Loved One Need?

Does your grandparent require dementia care or another specialty service? If your loved one needs a specific type of treatment, has a chronic medical condition, or has memory issues/dementia, make sure the facility can handle their needs. The staff should have training, expertise, and experience in the area/specialization.

What Are the Staff's Qualifications?

Your loved one deserves the best care. A nursing facility is only as good as its staff. Along with experience in certain types of specialty care, the staff members should have the necessary certifications, licenses, or credentials to work in this type of medical environment.

What Is the Staff to Resident Ratio?

According to a 2016 research review published in the journal Health Services Insights, higher minimum staffing standards can positively affect nursing facility care. Ask the director or an administrator to explain the facility's current ratio.

Not only can they provide you with the number of staff members per resident, but they can also elaborate on what types of staff are available each shift. These staff members could include registered nurses, certified nurse assistants, physicians, physical therapy providers, or occupational therapists.

What Type of Food Does the Facility Serve?

Your loved one may need a special diet or have specific nutritional needs. The facility should have the dietary staff to meet these needs. Along with dieticians or nutritionists, the nursing home should serve food the future resident enjoys and can easily eat.

What Activities Does the Facility Offer?

Nursing facility residents need more than medical care. Your elderly loved one also needs social ties and mental stimulation. Groups activities, clubs, or other events are essential to the resident's overall well-being.

If you're not sure how to start this type of search, begin with a few basic questions. From the location to the types of services the facility offers, the answers can help you to choose the right option for the senior in your life. For more information, see http://www.vvrconline.org.