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What To Expect From A Nursing Home

If your elderly loved one cannot live alone anymore, you may need to consider nursing home placement. You can turn to our website for information on what to expect from a nursing home and how to know if your loved one needs skilled nursing care or simply custodial care. You'll discover that skilled nursing care provided by the nursing home nurses includes the administration of intravenous medications, wound care, maintaining feeding tubes, and caring for patients who require ventilator care. Our blog posts and articles will also explain why your senior loved one may require physical and occupational therapy in the nursing home, and why speech therapy may help improve your loved one's swallowing ability after a stroke.


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Is Home Care The Right Solution For Your Loved One?

Fortunately, in today's world, loved ones requiring special medical supervision and assistance for their daily living needs have options. One of those options is home care. This choice works well for people who need limited assistance while living alone or who live with other family members but need a little more help during certain times of the day or in addition to the care family can provide. But is home care the right solution for your loved one?

Alternatives to Consider

In addition to home care services, there are other options you may wish to consider, depending on the healthcare needs of your loved one and your ability to provide care. Home care services continue to provide the best option for many families, especially when supplemented by other services, such as:

  • Adult daycare services
  • Rehabilitative services
  • Temporary skilled nursing services
  • Assisted living home care services

The thing to remember about home care is that it comes in many different forms. Some people only need limited assistance in their daily lives while others require constant medical supervision by trained nurses who have fast access to physicians and emergency services. Every situation is unique, and you may find that you are more comfortable with some home care services than others.

Finding a Home Care Provider You Can Trust

The key to a successful home care experience for your loved one is working with an agency you can trust to do what is best for your loved one. Home care service organizations offer many different services to the people they care for, including:

  • Personal care assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and nutrition
  • Medication management
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Direct nursing care
  • Appointment transportation

These things can be huge weights off the minds and shoulders of family members and loved ones. Without someone you can trust for these important tasks, keeping up with everything can feel impossible.

Home care services from agencies offer various assurances that you are getting quality care that has been vetted by outside sources. This allows you to make your decision to choose home care with greater confidence.

Is Home Care the Best Solution for Your Loved One?

Only you, together with your loved one, can answer that question. In some instances, home care is the best choice because your loved one will be able to remain in his or her home, surrounded by loved ones. At least now, you can make that choice with confidence when you choose a home care agency with a reputation for providing exceptional care.